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Repeaterbook Broadcastify

K-Link is open to all amateur radio operators. If you're not already a licensed ham and would like to get in on the fun of using the original world-wide social network, here are some resources to help you get your license:

License Volunteer Examiners: Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club (Salina Kansas) Read their helpful .pdf guide by clicking here.
ARRL's "Getting Started" information packet.
QRZ.com online practice exams.

New!Update - Colby 444.750+ (162.2) IRLP Node ONLINE

October 12, 2014 - The Colby IRLP node has been replaced and is working once again.

New!New Repeater - Wichita VFW 3115 443.325+ (162.2) W0VFW

August 25, 2014 - The new Wichita VFW repeater is on the air! Thanks to Jordan K0JWH and the folks at W0VFW for helping make it happen. This repeater is IRLP node 7552 and it provides fill-in coverage in western Wichita were Newton and El Dorado don't cover well. Be sure to give this repeater a try when you are in the area!

New!New Repeater - Dodge City 443.675+ (162.2) KC0AUH

July 15, 2014 - The Dodge City repeater was installed and put on-air today! Many thanks to KC0AUH, N7JYS, KD0EZQ, WV0S and anybody I might have forgotten. The repeater is linked via IRLP and is working well!

READ THIS if you use a Yaesu mobile or HT. How to disable the WIRES feature that you inadvertantly activated (and people miss the first three seconds of all of your transmissions).

K-Link Repeater Business Cards are here! Print these on business card paper. Be sure to set print option to "Actual Size" or Scaling = None so they fit properly. Updated May 29, 2014.

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