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Welcome to K-Link!

K-Link is a network of 31 linked FM analog repeaters in the Amateur Radio Service that provide coverage across most of the state of Kansas and southeast Nebraska. All users shall be familiar with the Use Policy.

The primary purpose of K-Link is:

§ 97.1 (a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications.

§ 97.1 (b) Continuation and extension of the amateur’s proven ability to contribute to the advancement of the radio art.

§ 97.1 (c) Encouragement and improvement of the amateur service through rules which provide for advancing skills in both the communication and technical phases of the art.

K-Link is open to all properly licensed amateur radio operators. If you’re not already a licensed ham and would like to get in on the fun of using the original world-wide social network, you can find some resources to help you get your license here.

K-Link business card-sized repeater list is here!  Print on Avery Printable Business Card paper, be sure to set print option to “Actual Size” or Scaling = None so they fit properly.  Last updated October 21, 2017

Repeaterbook is the official and exclusive repeater directory for K-Link. All K-Link repeater listings are 100% accurate in Repeaterbook. Download the Repeaterbook app to your Android or iOS device for instant mobile access. We do not send update information to any other repeater directories.

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