Topeka 146.805 Update

The current repeater at Topeka is having receiver problems.  We plan to change out the repeater sometime within the next week. The frequency will stay the same but the repeater will change from DCS to CTCSS access at that time.  The CTCSS tone will be 162.2 Hz. DCS will no longer work once we make the switch.  The repeater that is currently in place will work with either one, so you can go ahead and re-program your radios and be ready for the transition.  The repeater will also encode 162.2 so you will be able to use TSQ on your radios.

If you have any questions please contact me.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Justin NV8Q


Humboldt 443.575 On the Air!

November 20, 2015 – The K-Link Repeater Network continues to grow in areas where tower space and equipment are available. Our newest repeater, which went on the air at 10am this morning, is located near Humboldt, Nebraska. Here are the specs:

  • Frequency: 443.575 + offset
  • CTCSS: 88.5 (Use TSQ setting to mute the CW ID)
  • Antenna: DB420B at 330 feet.
  • Andrews LDF5-50A
  • Motorola MSF5000 repeater
  • Raspberry Pi 2 IRLP node
  • Full-time K-Link Repeater
  • Receiver sensitivity: .10 uV @ 12 dB SINAD
  • Output power: 50 watts at the duplex port.
  • Backup power: APC UPS and Generator.

This repeater provides coverage to areas in Southeast Nebraska, Northeast Kansas, Northwest Missouri, and Southwest Iowa.

humboldt(Above: Humboldt coverage map.  Click here for high-resolution version.)

We anticipate that in the future this repeater may become a hub for additional linking in the Northeast Kansas and Southeast Nebraska area.

(Above: DB420 at the top spot.)

Thanks goes to the following people for their help and support:

  • Rob Nall WV0S and Heartland Towers for tower space.
  • NEKSUN for use of the repeater.
  • Haug Communications for internet access.
  • Dave Nall WD0EMI for configuring the network for IRLP.
  • Jim Gerweck KB0FVP for donating a heliax connector at a moment’s notice.
  • Karen N7KLR for putting up with all of this madness. (Love ya, honey!)



N0QED – Silent Key

Updated 11/22/2015:  It is with heavy hearts that we pass along word of N0QED Pete Kent’s passing this morning.  Pete was a regular on K-Link, one of our generous benefactors, and was one of the first digital users on our System Fusion repeater at Minneapolis. He will be greatly missed.

Peter F. Kent, II, 62, of Salina, passed away Thursday, November 19th, at Salina Regional Health Center.

Peter was born in Austin, Minnesota on August 24, 1953, to Doris A. (Miller) and Peter F. Kent, Sr.

Peter was in the United States Army, working in Army Intelligence, for ten years. Following his stint in the army, Peter was an over-the-road truck driver. He also worked at St. John’s Military School. He was also a ham radio enthusiast and belonged to the local ham radio club.

Survivors include his parents, Doris and Peter Kent, Sr.; sisters, Susan Kent and her significant other Dean Lynaugh, of Gilbert, Arizona, and Cindy and her husband Greg Brockway, of Salina; nephew, Josh Brockway, of Kansas City, Missouri; and niece, Jenny Brockway, of San Diego, California.

Peter was preceded in death by his sister, Rebecca Jo Kent.

Cremation has been chosen and there will not be visitation. A memorial service will be at Carlson-Geisendorf Funeral Home, at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 24th, with Pastor Doug Birdsong officiating.

Funeral home link: To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Peter F. Kent II please visit our Sympathy Store.

Feel free to leave personal notes in the comments.

Justin NV8Q


Salina W0CY 147.03 – Degraded

Note:  The W0CY repeaters are not affiliated with K-Link, this post is informational only.

The Salina 147.03 W0CY repeater is suffering poor coverage due to a failed component in the receiver.  I plan on locating another receiver and making repairs within a week.

In the interim, feel free to use the (much under-utilized) 443.900 repeater located at the same site.  The 443.900 offers nearly identical coverage in Salina and the surrounding areas.

Justin NV8Q

Newton 146.61- Update

We have finished moving Newton 146.61 into it’s new location, and it is back on K-Link.  The duplexer tuning was optimized, the receiver pre-amp was put back online and the transmitter power was turned up to 60 watts (was 30).  The increased sensitivity and power should allow better use of the repeater for mobiles in the Wichita area.

Many thanks to Russell (WX0RG), Chance (N5NIQ), Don (KG0HN) and Justin (NV8Q) for the labor installing the ice bridge and moving the equipment.  (See photos below)



NV8Q2596 NV8Q2598 NV8Q2601 NV8Q2603

New Repeater in Stockton!

K-Link is excited to announce the on-air status of another new repeater and IRLP node!

The Stockton 146.790- (162.2) repeater serves Rooks county and fills in a nice area which was previously in the fringe area from the Hill City, Lenora, Logan, and Osborne repeaters.  This greatly solidifies the coverage along US-24 and US-183.  The repeater is a GE Mastr II, the antenna is a DB-222 at 200 feet.  Emergency power is provided by a backup generator.

Many thanks goes out to Eric N7JYS, and Terry N0KOM for all of the work they put in on this.  It’s been a project that has been in the works for several months and the hard work has paid off.

Russell Link Update

After an outage for an unknown amount of time, the link radio on the Russell repeater was repaired and put back on the air.  This means that Osborne can now access K-Link once again as well.

Also, as of today the Russell 147.285 repeater will require PL 162.2 to access K-Link.  You can still use 285 locally with no tone if you wish, but access to the link requires the PL tone.

Thanks and 73,

Justin NV8Q

Clear Across Kansas