Welcome to K-Link!

K-Link is a network of over 30 linked Amateur Radio repeaters that span most of the state of Kansas.  We are a service-oriented group dedicated to providing the best wide-area coverage in Kansas for ARES, RACES, and Skywarn.  Outside of emergency communications, we also encourage local users and visiting travelers to use the system to share ideas and keep in touch.

Note:  All K-Link repeaters are wide band (+- 5kHz deviation) analog voice.  Please make sure your radios are set to wide band deviation.

Our system is 100% privately funded and made available thanks to the hard work of many individuals who have dedicated many hours of labor and donations from people that use the system.  Our continued growth and maintenance depends upon the support of the people that use and benefit from the system.  We appreciate your support.

K-Link is open to all amateur radio operators. If you’re not already a licensed ham and would like to get in on the fun of using the original world-wide social network, here are some resources to help you get your license:

PLEASE READ THIS if you use a Yaesu mobile or HT to learn how to disable the WIRES feature (that you inadvertently activated causing people to miss the first three seconds of all of your transmissions).

K-Link Business Cards are here!  Printable on business card paper, be sure to set print option to “Actual Size” or Scaling = None so they fit properly.  Last updated January 16, 2015

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