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New Allstar Node/Hub

The K-Link Repeater Network has officially joined the Allstar community. At the center of Allstar is the Asterisk VoIP PBX network that supports many connections and much more flexibility in linking than other internet linking systems. Our Allstar node is running on a Raspberry Pi 3. This node has been placed at the El Dorado site, and is linked to the 443.100 repeater as well as the IRLP node. This provides us with an IRLP to Allstar gateway.

K-Link can now be reached from any Allstar-equipped base station or repeater by connecting to node 42640. We can also still be reached from any IRLP-equipped base station or repeater by connecting to reflector 9335. Details about how to dial out to other Allstar nodes can be found in our How To Use IRLP/Allstar help page.

We have also added a monitoring tool for the Allstar node to our IRLP status page.



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