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Network Stats and Monitoring

An important part of maintaining a critical network that utilizes the Internet is being able to constantly monitor network performance and statistics. Today, we finally accomplished that goal with the addition of the K-Link Network Monitor, provided by

Each IRLP node, Allstar node, and Broadcastify server are being monitored, and the admins get an e-mail in the event of an outage. If you’re curious about the reliability of the infrastructure this is a good method to see it. Keep in mind the stats began at about 22:00 on March 10, so it will take a few days to get a full data set. Each node is clickable, and will open into a page that shows the ping time statistics.

What this network monitor is showing is whether or not the nodes are up and reachable via the internet. It does not show whether the nodes are active or connected to the reflector. The IRLP/Allstar Hub Status page is the best way to quickly look at the connection status of the nodes.



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