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New APRS Digipeaters

Today (May 15, 2017) a new APRS digipeater went on the air near McPherson, KS.

K-Link team members Karen (N7KLR), Jordan (K0JWH), Russell (WX0RG) and yours truly worked most of Saturday the 13th pulling up the antenna and feedline. The antenna is at 180 feet on the south face of the tower, and is fed with 1/2″ heliax.

The radio and modem were donated by the K0HAM group,

This digipeater fills in a large gap in the area surrounded by Salina, Hillsboro, Newton, Hutchinson, and Lyons.

A photo gallery of the construction is included below:

A new APRS digipeater was also installed in Salina the previous week for evaluation and testing. It’s primary coverage area is within a ten mile radius of downtown Salina.



2 comments on “New APRS Digipeaters

Richard Johnson

Is there a tone on it, and I assume (which is dangerous) it is on 145.390


No tone, and it’s 144.39 just like all the other APRS nodes.


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