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Dodge City 443.675 is back!

The Dodge City 443.675+ (162.2) is back on the air!

It’s now a GE Mastr II with battery AND generator backup power, and it linked to K-Link via Allstar.

The repeater now also encodes the PL tone (with the GE standard STE) so you can run TSQ on your mobile.

This also marks one of those rare moments when all 34 repeaters are on the air.

Thanks to Rob WV0S, and Karen N7KLR for helping move equipment.

2 comments on “Dodge City 443.675 is back!

Gaylon Rose

Good to hear. Good job to Rob and Karen and also to Jason E. ,W0KHP

Elliot kb0rfc

It sounds great! Thanks for all the hard work, the HT with a mag mount held it full quieting well past Cimmaron!


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