Clear Across Kansas

New Multi-mode Digital Repeater at Minneapolis

The Minneapolis 444.900 444.750 repeater, which has been a Yaesu System Fusion repeater for the past few months, has been retrofitted with an MMDVM modem which adds D-Star, DMR, and P25 capabilities to the repeater in addition to Fusion (YSF).

Current DMR talkgroups being carried on TS2 are 3120 (Kansas) and 31201 (BYRG).
TS1, TG9 is for local traffic, and I’m currently testing other groups on that timeslot.

The YSF mode is linked to the Kansas Wires-X room. (Not linked to the Kansas DMR group).

The D-Star and P25 modes have not yet been tested. If you have a P25 or D-Star radio and would like to help test, let me know.



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