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Minneapolis 147.225 Upgrade Coming Soon!

I’m currently working on an all “new” 2 meter repeater that will replace the existing 147.225 repeater in Minneapolis as well as the 147.195 repeater in Lincoln. The new repeater is a 110 watt GE/Ericsson Mastr III with a Raytheon SNV-12 Signal and Noise voter. In addition to the main repeater, we will have an auxiliary receiver at the Lincoln tower and we are planning to put one in Salina shortly thereafter. This system will be on 147.225 (+) with a tone of 162.2 and linked¬†to K-Link, and will also work as a local repeater (not linked) if you use tone 123.0.

We will be installing all new feedline all the way to the top of the 290 foot tower and would like to also install a new DB224-E antenna at the same time, but we lack the funds to purchase this antenna.

We don’t often beg for donations, but this is one of those times where we’d like to ask those that use the system regularly to “give back”. A lot of man-hours (and women-hours!) go into maintaining the repeaters. The new antenna will cost $650 and we are confident that it will cover Ottawa, Lincoln, Saline, and much of Ellsworth and Mitchell counties, in an area where we currently have very little 2 meter coverage.

If you can help, we can accept donations via Paypal to: or you can mail a check to K-Link at PO BOX 93, Minneapolis KS 67467. Your help is very appreciated.

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Kurt E Reed

W0KRT-NV8Q I Will be glad to donate a little late January 2018. Do you have a purchase timeline for the antenna? Thanks for all you are doing Justin and Co..


The antenna has been purchased and is on the air. The on-air announcement is here:

We always appreciate your support!


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