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New 147.225 Repeater On-Air

The all-new 147.225+ (162.2) Minneapolis repeater is on the air!

The 147.225 (left) along with the 444.750 multi-mode digital (top right) and 444.850 (K-Link hub) repeaters.

The addition of this repeater gives wide-area two-meter access to K-Link in Ottawa and Saline counties for the first time, and also covers Lincoln and much of Mitchell and Ellsworth Counties. To augment the coverage, we’ve also installed auxiliary receivers in downtown Salina and at the former 147.195 site near Lincoln. The audio from each receiver is linked back to the main site and, along with the main receiver audio, is compared and the path with the highest signal to noise ratio is voted and sent to the controller to be re-transmitted locally and via K-Link.

The repeater can also be used with “PL” 123.0 which bypasses the auxiliary receivers and does not route to K-Link. Thus the repeater can be used as a stand-alone local repeater just by switching to tone 123.0.

Additionally, the repeater is equipped with an MMDVM modem with YSF (Fusion digital) enabled which provides 2 meter Fusion coverage in the area. The YSF mode is linked to the KansasLink digital conference which includes the 444.750 repeater at the same site, as well as other repeaters across Kansas.

Because this repeater has a lot of “stuff” going on, there is a priority system in place. Signal and audio priority is:

  1. Local analog traffic with 123.0 tone
  2. Local K-Link traffic with 162.2 tone
  3. Local digital traffic
  4. K-Link network traffic
  5. Digital network traffic

In order to avoid hearing the digital bitstream (sounds like squelch noise) on your radios please store the repeater in your radio with tone squelch (TSQ) 162.2 enabled. If you will be using the repeater locally also store the repeater with TSQ 123.0 in another memory channel and enable “Busy channel lockout” if your radio is equipped.

The Salina 442.200 K-Link repeater along with the 147.225 auxiliary receiver and SALINA APRS digi.

The repeater and both auxiliary receivers have battery backup in the case of commercial power loss.

Thanks to numerous donations we have a brand new DB224 antenna that is awaiting install and should improve the coverage area even more.

The repeater output is 90 watts and has about a 50 mile radius. If you’re in the area please give it a try.

The web page which describes the operation of the repeater is located here.

Many thanks to those that donated time and money to the project and came out to help with the install, and especially my wife Karen for her excellent work with the capstan hoist and enduring the many hours I spent working on getting this package together. This is definitely a state-of-the-art system and it was fun and challenging to integrate it and put it on the air.

Update: November 25, 2017

The new DB224 antenna has been installed, and the return loss is flat across the 2 meter band.

Justin NV8Q

The Lincoln remote receiver replaces the old 147.195 repeater.
A look at the new 147.225 and 444.750 antennas (top).

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