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KansasLink Digital Conference

A new page was created to describe how to use the KansasLink C4FM/DMR conference.

See it at:

US-KansasLink Digital Conference


Justin, NV8Q

2 comments on “KansasLink Digital Conference

Doug Reed

Hi Justin.

I’m interested in your mixed analog-digital conversion of the MASTR 3 repeater. There are several people in my area who are doing the digital-only mods shown by the N5SIM web pages, but I’m looking for info on how to retain analog opertation but still add digital. I’m using the built-in analog controller and IDer because I don’t want any bells and whistles beyond that for analog. So I’m wondering if you can point me to info regarding how to make it mixed more. My assumption from the N5SIM web page config info is that the secret is in programming two different PTT inputs on the M3 and using the GETC programming to make one configure the M3 hardware for analog and the other PTT input configures it for digital. So far I haven’t found a easy explanation of how to do it. Can you give me any tips or tell me where to look?

Thanks for your time.

Doug Reed, N0NAS.


Doug, this page should help:

Since you aren’t using an external controller, you’ll use the RUS key rather than REM key.
You’ll have to decide whether you want analog users to have priority or digital users. Once you know that, you can use the RUS key functions and key functions for whatever other PTT you decide to use for the MMDVM to program the function tables. You basically just need to enable the EXT HSD when RUS key isn’t active, and disable it when it is active.


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