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It has been brought to my attention by numerous people (thank you for the texts and e-mail, guys) that there have been an increasing amount of poor operating practices occurring recently on the system. Now is a good time to read (if it’s your first time) or review the K-Link Use Policy.

Specific recent problem areas include:

  • “Tailgating” – Not leaving enough time in between exchanges. Remember that the internet links are delayed by a second or two and somebody at the far end may be hearing audio that happened a second or two ago, or is lagging behind what you hear by a second or two. Leave two or three seconds between the last transmission before your reply, at least most of the time. This also allows IRLP or Allstar simplex node users to drop off the link by sneaking link codes in between transmissions.
  • “Rag chewing” – This system is heard in over 70% of Kansas, and a constantly variable number of other places via internet links.  Please remember to keep your transmissions short and thoughtful, and keep your conversations limited to 10 to 15 minutes with at least a 5 minute break to allow other people to have access and to cool off the repeaters – ESPECIALLY during prime drive times. You don’t maintain this equipment, so please don’t burn it up with mindlessly long continuous conversations.
  • Timing out the repeaters – This goes along with the previous item. Almost all radios in use today have a carrier control timer or time out timer setting. Set this to not more than 3 minutes. If your radio has a time out penalty timer, please set this to 5 – 10 seconds so that if you inadvertently have a stuck mic, it won’t reset the timer until PTT is fully released.
  • Poor audio quality – There are way too many users lately with excessive levels of breath noise, background noise, room echo, feedback echo from another receiver tuned to the repeater, or just outright poor-sounding audio. Lately the system has been sounding a lot like CB channel 19 as it were 20 years ago. The people that own the repeaters on this system have spent a large amount of money and time specifically making sure the audio quality is excellent.  We regularly get compliments from people passing through from other areas with systems that don’t focus on audio. It’s frustrating though, when your rice-paper microphone/radio makes you sound like there are 10 miles of wax string between two tin cans. If you are near a computer you can spot-check your audio (delayed by a minute) by clicking here. If you want a sample of your audio e-mailed to you, you can email me with the date and time and I’ll send an archive file to you. I’m willing to help wherever I can.

If you want to continue to have a nice system to use, please help us run a tight ship.

On behalf of the owners and trustees of the K-Link Network,



3 comments on “Use Policy Review

Don Fitzgerald KA0EIC

About time. Several people are long winded. Should be a requirement to read the rules of this system before using.
Thanks, Justin and all the others that put this system to use. A great asset for Kansas hams.


Does the weekday-morning group constitute rag chewing? We keep the system pretty active from roughly 6 to 7 in the AM.


The coffee group has been on that time slot since long before I got licensed. The group is generally pretty good about allowing enough space for other people to break in.


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