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New 443.850 Repeater On The Air!

The all-new 443.850+ McPherson repeater is on the air!

Click to expand the coverage map.

McPherson county hams can now enjoy a local repeater that offers DMR with Brandmeister networking, System Fusion with YSFReflector networking, and P25 with it’s associated reflectors. Sorry, folks, there is no analog/FM mode on this one.

The new repeater replaces the analog 443.850 that served the community faithfully for twenty years. It provides excellent coverage to all of McPherson and most of McPherson county.

For the signalling parameters and talk group assignments for this repeater, click here.

The antenna system is currently the top half of a very old DB420 fed with Belden 9913. An antenna and feedline upgrade are planned for February.

The repeater is located immediately west of downtown McPherson.

Thanks to Chance N5NIQ and Gerald WD0FYF for making the repeater and internet install happen smoothly.

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