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McPherson 444.600 Back in Service

The McPherson 444.600 repeater has been returned to service after the following repairs were made:

  • The power amplifier was re-soldered.
  • The receive audio line output card was replaced to correct a problem with audio distortion.
  • The receiver front end, IF, and audio/squelch was completely re-aligned.
  • The transmitter exciter was completely re-aligned.
  • Repeater and link audio levels were set, power output checked.
  • Replaced fractured battery backup fuse.


The McPherson 444.600 repeater is off the air until repairs can be made.


The Newton and Hillsboro repeaters have been re-linked via El Dorado. The Sterling repeater is isolated until McPherson returns to service.

Justin, NV8Q


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