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KSU Salina Ham Shack

This question was sent from Chad, N0YK in Scott City:

Hi Justin –

I was wondering if you maybe could help me. I’m looking for a Salina ham contact that might know what happened to the ham shack at KSU Salina’s campus. I went to school there back in the early 2000’s and was one of two students that actually operated from the shack. I have many good memories of working JA’s on 10 meters back when the band was better. After I left, I believe the shack was auctioned off to local ham’s. I was wanting to see who ended up with the Kenwood ts-450s that I use to operate.

Please advise if you can help me locate someone in the Salina area.


Chad Wasinger – N0YK – Scott City, KS (embedded email link)

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Don Fitzgerald

Station was dismantled, tower removed. Unknown about equipment. Don. Ka0eic. Salina


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