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K-Link 20 Year Anniversary Net

This August 18th at 21:00 local time, we hope you’ll join us on the K-Link Network to celebrate 20 years of K-Link. We will talk a little bit about the history of the network and take as many check-ins, with or without comments, as we can get. In 2008 during our 10 year anniversary net, we took 54 check-ins which was a record number at that time. Now that we have 20 more repeaters, plus world-wide connectivity through Allstar and IRLP, we’re hoping to surpass that number.

Whether you are a regular user, or rarely use K-Link, all licensed hams (Technician and above, of course) are encouraged to check-in.

Stations within the RF footprint of K-Link can use their closest repeater.

Stations outside of the RF footprint of K-Link can connect via IRLP reflector 9335 or Allstar hub 46304.

Those of you who are attending the pre-hamfest dinner in Salina may use the Salina 442.200+ (162.2) or Minneapolis/Salina 147.225+ (162.2). The 147.225 repeater has a receiver at the same site that the 442.200 is located at.

We hope to hear from all of you!



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