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New Digital Conference Bridge

The K0USY and KS0LNK (K-Link) groups would like to announce the joint implementation of a new System Fusion reflector that is bridged to K0USY Kansas (DMR) talkgroup 3120.

The YSFReflector is named US-Kansas3120 and can be accessed via Wires-X mode on your Yaesu radio. This is bridged directly to the K0USY network group 3120, rather than to Brandmeister 3120. The reflector and bridge are running in a data center in Manhattan and the equipment is all owned by K0USY/KS0LNK, so we aren’t depending on unknown and unseen hardware to make this work.

Yaesu Fusion users can access this reflector on any MMDVM-equipped repeater or most any hotspot with YSF mode enabled. We **caution** you though, that it is not a good idea to connect this on a repeater that also has 3120 set as static on DMR mode. You will get unpredictable results, as transmissions can only come through in one mode at a time and you can’t predict which mode will be selected first.

This bridge is not available via Yaesu’s official Wires-X network.

Yaesu users give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

The K0USY group operates several DMR and MMDVM repeaters in the Lawrence, Topeka, and Hays areas. Their website and more information can be found here.

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