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Topeka 146.805 Update

The Topeka 146.805 repeater is back online, however it is no longer an analog repeater on the K-Link network.

The decision was made to try this repeater as digital-only with System Fusion and DMR modes enabled.

The System Fusion mode is cross-linked to K0USY DMR talk group 3120, so that a Fusion user on this repeater can communicate with DMR users on 3120.

The DMR mode on this repeater is linked to Brandmeister, and all BM groups are available by PTT activation. There are no “static” or default DMR talk groups. If you are in the Topeka area with a VHF DMR radio, feel free to use it by simply keying PTT on your desired talk group. Alternately, the 443.625 repeater on the same tower is a full-time DMR repeater on the K0USY network.

I will be evaluating the usage of the repeater over the next 60 days to see if this repeater is serving the needs of the local digital community.

The information page for Topeka 146.805 is located here.

3 comments on “Topeka 146.805 Update


Super excited to try system fusion finally. Thanks for the hard work


Since the Topeka repeater has been taken off the K-Link system, the signal from the Alma repeater has progressively degraded. I can remember a time when I could hear the Alma repeater, mobile north of Ottawa. Now in Topeka with a rooftop antenna, it barely opens my RF squelch. Just FYI if you get a chance to take a look at it.


Kermit, the Alma repeater has been suffering with a failing power amplifier for about 5 years now. I would imagine by now it’s down to about 5 watts or less. I have plans to replace the PA and get this back up to spec, but it’s probably going to be at least a month or so before I get out there.


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