Clear Across Kansas

Minneapolis 11/18/2017

Re-built IRLP node and aligned all audio levels.

Date of PM: 11/18/2017

S-Com 7330

Repeater – Yaesu DR-1X
Power output: 11 watts (DR-1X) – 90 watts (external PA)
RX Sensitivity: .18 uV
Freq error: within 100 Hz
RX audio at TP: .400 VRMS @ 3 kHz/1 kHz tone
Repeat audio: 1:1 up to 4.6 kHz deviation limit (.650 Hz CG Deviation)

IRLP audio output: audiotest 1 kHz tone set to 3 kHz deviation.
IRLP audio input: adjusted for 1:1 match on echo reflector.

Allstar audio output: Echo mode, 1kHz tone at 3 kHz deviation produces 3 kHz devation + PL tone.
Allstar audio input: 1 kHz tone at 3 kHz deviation shows 3 kHz on the VU meter.

Next PM due: 5/18/2019