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PiRLP interface to Yaesu DR-1X

How to interface a PiRLP (or IRLP) node to a Yaesu DR-1X

IRLP Pin — DR-1X Pin

2—————-2 (Remote PTT) (Solder bridge this pin to 1)
3—————-1 (PTT)
4—————11(EXT Port 1) (optional)
5—————12 (EXT Port 2) (optional)
6—————-5 (GND)
7—————-3 (PKSQL)
8—————-9 (AF OUT)
9—————-7 (AF IN)

IRLP Setup:

  • Half-duplex
  • Repeater script disabled
  • CWID enabled
  • IRLP board PTT lock jumper installed.

DR-1X Setup:

  • RX CTCSS or DCS as required. Unit will not encode CTCSS during external PTT. If you need CTCSS encoded, you must use an external encoder.
  • “SQL Tail Time” = 300 ms or less. This is a must or voice responses to DTMF commands will not be heard due to logic conflict with the external PTT/internal repeat function.
  • Must not be in AMS TX mode. Choose FM Fixed or Digital Fixed for transmit. RX can be in AMS if desired.
  • If you wish to be able to control the DR-1X modes via the IRLP vCon panel, you need to wire IRLP pins 4 and 5 to DR-1X pins 11 and 12, and enable the DR-1X Remote mode in the Mode/Remote menu. If you wish to control the DR-1X mode directly from the front panel, disable the remote mode; pins 4 and 5 are not needed in this case.

Known Issues:

  • If you have the DR-1X CW ID set, and this ID triggers during an IRLP transmission (external PTT asserted) the DR-1X will completely ignore the PTT and audio coming from IRLP until both internal PTT and external PTT have dropped. You’ll lose the entire transmission that occurred during the ID.
  • Running “SQL Tail Time” longer than 300 ms will result in missed transmissions due to internal/external PTT logic conflicts.
  • The DR-1X will not encode CTCSS or “DSQ” from external PTT.

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