Clear Across Kansas

Custom Coverage Map Request

We are now creating custom coverage maps for individuals and clubs in the state of Kansas who would like a coverage map of their repeater(s).

Hams: This service is free to amateur repeater owners’ use, for maps up to 1000 x 1000 pixels in size. We will also upload these maps to your Repeaterbook listing to show off your coverage area. This service is limited to repeaters that actually exist and are on the air.

Commercial users: Maps of any size up to 4000 x 4000 pixels can be made for a charge of only $8.75 per megapixel. Additional repeaters belonging to a system can be added to the map for $10 per additional site. A 2000 x 2000 map will print to 28″ x 28″ at 72 DPI and cost $35 (single site).

Our free maps use a typical mobile station – 45 watts (2 meters) or 25 watts (70 cm) using a Larsen NMO270 antenna roof-mounted on a car. If you require custom mobile-user parameters we can accomodate for a fee.

To request a custom coverage map for your repeater please fill out the following form:

Please input the requested information: