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Installing IRLPvCON

Installing IRLPvCON on a Debian IRLP node.

IRLPvCON is a very useful IRLP remote admin tool. It is dependent on Apache and Perl.  These packages may be be installed using apt-get. Perl was available under IRLP 10.03 (Debian).

apt-get install apache2

To download and install IRLPvCON, log in as root on the IRLP node and run the following;


chmod +x ./irlpvcon_debian_install

To use IRLPvCON go-to http://your-ip-address/irlpvcon
Set the admin password. The IRLPvCON manual may be found by following the following link your-ip-address/irlpvcon/manual.pdf

NOTE: If you previously had installed the IRLP remote admin utlity then Apache will be listening on 14526 you need to either edit httpd.conf or connect using that port.

The program distribution page with additional information is here

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