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Disable DTMF Muting

Disable DTMF Muting and Processing


You can allow ALL DTMF to pass from an a sending node to a
receiving node, using a channel driver hack I added sometime back for use
with HF radios. But, the negative side effect to this is that all local
DTMF processing gets disabled.

To turn off ALL local DTMF processing and allow DTMF to pass unscathed to
the remote end, in the active stanza of your chan_simpleusb.conf file, add
the directive:
To disable DTMF decoding and muting:

To enable DTMF decoding and muting (default, can just leave this line out):

To enable DTMF decoding but disable DTMF muting:

We don’t currently have a way to otherwise selectively process DTMF. That
capability is definitely on the wish list, however.

BTW, I recommend that you use the ulaw CODEC in this scenario—that will
provide superior results over other CODECS which compress the audio

And, yes, selective local DTMF processing will get added to AllStar—this
is a feature I very much need, too.

73, David KB4FXC