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Control GPIO from Allmon2

Control GPIO from Allmon2

Here is what you need to do -

In /etc/asterisk/simpleusb.conf define the gpio -

;rxaudiodelay=0         ; rx audio delay for squelch tail elimination.
Valid values
                        ; from 0-24 in 20ms increments. Typical values 5-10

---->  gpio1=out0 ; in, out0 or out1

I just put it at the end of the first node after rxaudiodelay.

Then in /srv/http/supermon/controlpanel.ini add the following -

labels[] = "GPIO 1 on"
cmds[] = "rpt cmd %node% cop 62 GPIO1=1"
labels[] = "GPIO 1 off"
cmds[] = "rpt cmd %node% cop 62 GPIO1=0"

This can be anywhere in the list just don't break up any other labels/cmd sequences. 
I just put it at the end.

I have not tested this beyond running it and not getting an error. 
I think the GPIO1= is correct but if it does not work change the = to a space.

You can define other GPIO's depending on which one you want to use. see -

*73 Doug*