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Interfacing an S-Com 7330 to a Yaesu DR-2X

Interfacing an S-Com 7330 to a Yaesu DR-2X

The DR-2X currently lacks a true un-gated discriminator audio output. This requires a re-work of the previous method (used with the DR-1X) of managing the AMS mode with an external controller. Some of the details of the 15-pin I/O interface are being worked out.

In the mean time, some repeaters that DO work with external controllers as well as the multi-mode digital MMDVM system include:

  • BridgeCom BCR series
  • Kenwood TKR-750 and 850, as well as the new NexEdge variants
  • GE Mastr III
  • Many others.

Any of the repeaters mentioned above will make great System Fusion repeaters with MMDVM installed, The BridgeCom currently sells for $1000 and the others can be had in the used market for less than the cost of a DR-2X. A fully functional MMDVM system on a Raspberry Pi can be setup for as little as $100.

I currently have no plans to purchase or test the DR-2X.


Pi-Star Software

STM-32 MMDVM Modem




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