Clear Across Kansas

Minneapolis 3 – 444.750

The “Minneapolis 3” repeater on 444.750 is digital only using an MMDVM with DMR and P25 digital modes enabled.

  • The DMR module is networked full-time via Brandmeister 3108.
  • The P25 module is networked on-demand to the P25 Reflector network.


  • Antenna: DB-408 at 300 feet, Andrew LDF7-50A transmission line.
  • Output: 110 watts
  • RF deck: Yaesu DR-1X repeater
  • Battery Backup

DMR Setup:

  • Your codeplug will need one “channel” programmed for every talkgroup you intend to use. Your radio will have to be programmed with your unique DMR ID (obtained from the website)
  • Each channel will have to be configured with:
    1. RX Freq: 444.750
    2. TX Freq: 449.750
    3. Color Code: 1
    4. The time slot and group ID of the group you want to use from the list below:
9 (Local)1
31203 (KansasLink)1
3120 (Kansas Statewide)2
Dynamic Groups use2
  • You may dynamically access any Brandmeister talkgroup on timeslot 2 by keying PTT with the group selected.
    • Please don’t do this to “lurk” on a group or groups.
    • Dynamic groups remain active for 15 minutes after the last local transmission.
  • Using talkgroup 31203 will bridge you to YSF mode (US-KansasLink) on Minneapolis 2 if it’s not busy with analog traffic.
  • Talkgroups 1 through 8 are reserved for premium subscribers only.

P25 Setup:

  • Your codeplug will need to be programmed with your unique DMR ID number (obtained from the registration site).
  • Program a channel with the following information:
    1. RX Freq: 444.750
    2. TX Freq: 449.750
    3. NAC: 293
    4. 12.5 KHz channel bandwidth
    5. “Astro Audio” or however you set digital audio mode
    6. Talk group 10200 to access the North America reflector
  • Program another channel with the same info as above, with talk group 9999 to close the reflector connection when you are finished.


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