Clear Across Kansas

Junction City – 146.880

The Junction City repeater on 146.880 is a Yaesu DR-1X running mixed-mode (analog and System Fusion). The analog mode is not linked to anything. The System Fusion mode has WiRES-X connected to the US-KansasLink room.


  • Antenna: DB-224-E at 290 feet, Andrew LDF5-50A transmission line.
  • Output: 40 watts
  • RF deck: Yaesu DR-1X

Analog Setup:

  • Frequency: 146.880
  • Offset: –
  • DCS: 162 (prevents the “noise” of the YSF bitstream)
    • DCS is not required to access the repeater in analog mode.

YSF Setup:

  1. Tune your radio to 146.880 with – offset
  2. Use DG-ID TX:00 and RX:00 (radios with old firmware should have Digital Squelch Code set to OFF)

That is the extent of the setup required to access the YSF mode. Additionally, here are some important points of interest:

  • This repeater is normally networked to the “US-KansasLink” WiRES-X room.
    • You can link to other rooms by entering WiRES-X mode on your radio and selecting another one.
    • Please move it back to US-KansasLink when you are finished with your contact.
    • You don’t need to use WiRES-X mode if you plan to stay on KansasLink.
  • Our WiRES-X room is bridged to Brandmeister DMR talkgroup 31203. You must use DN mode to communicate with DMR users across the bridge. VW mode will not work. If you want your callsign to show up on DMR radios you will need to register your callsign with DMR-Marc.
  • US-KansasLink is not the same thing as K-Link and the two networks are not linked together.


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