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Interface an Allstar URI to a Vertex VXR-7000

Interfacing an Allstar URI to a Vertex VXR-7000

Justin Reed – December 2, 2018

This interface method utilizes the RJ-45 connector on the rear of the VXR-7000, which is the LINE jack. The pinout for the line jack, as seen looking at the rear of the repeater, is as shown below.

Using a suitable length of CAT 5 cable, crimp all eight wires into an RJ45 connector on one end and solder or crimp them into a DB-25 male connector as follows:

  • URI Pin 1 (PTT) to RJ45 Pin 8
  • URI Pin 14 (5VDC out) to RJ45 Pin 7
  • URI Pin 8 (COR DET) to RJ45 Pin 1
  • URI Pin 19 (GND) to RJ45 Pin 2
  • URI Pin 21 (MIC IN AC) to RJ45 Pin 5
  • URI Pin 13 (GND) to RJ45 Pin 6
  • URI Pin 22 (LEFT OUT) to RJ45 Pin 3
  • URI Pin 20 (GND) to RJ45 Pin 4

The RX squelch output and RX Line Out will be active if a carrier with valid CTCSS/DCS tone are detected. The RX Line Out audio is de-emphasized, CTCSS filtered, and fixed level. The TX Line In audio will be highpass filtered (<300Hz filtered) and pre-emphasized.

Program the repeater with the frequency pair and CTCSS/DCS as required. Then make sure REPEATER is disabled on the front panel and REMOTE is enabled.