Clear Across Kansas

2017 Support

We are thankful for those that have donated their time, money, or equipment to help build and maintain a better repeater link system in Kansas.  If we forgot to acknowledge you, please contact us! If you would like to remain anonymous please indicate such.

2017 Benefactors:

  • Your name here!
  • Jason Edie (W0KHP)

2016 Benefactors:

  • Chuck Moore N0MXI – Ellsworth
  • Eric Harrison N7JYS – Ellsworth
  • Terry Martin K5UG – Ellsworth
  • Bill Conrad KE0IFF – Ellsworth
  • Todd Solomon, KE0HRB
  • Jason Edie, W0KHP
  • Dean Wheeler, N0KOU
  • Greg Mai KC0MUN
  • Fred Probst KS1USA
  • $164 in donations at the Kansas ARRL Convention

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