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IRLP / Echolink / Allstar

All of the repeaters on the K-Link network have an IRLP or Allstar node attached, either directly or through an RF link connected back to the IRLP/Allstar site. We also now offer access to the Echolink network through through our Allstar hub. Outbound calls can be made to any IRLP, Allstar, or Echolink node. Inbound calls are subject to the following conditions outlined below.

It is important to remember that an IRLP node can only have one connection at a time. You can either call another node directly for two-way communication, or you can call into a reflector which can host a high number of simultaneous connections, and have many repeaters and nodes linked together.

The audio quality of Echolink is poor compared to IRLP or Allstar. If the distant repeater or node you are trying to reach is equipped with IRLP or Allstar the audio quality will be better if you use those.

Inbound Connections (Calling into K-Link from node outside of our network):

  • IRLP: Connect to reflector 9335 and make your call.
  • Allstar: Connect to node 42640 and make your call.
  • Echolink: Connect to node 453405 (K0JWH-R) and make your call. (Must be pre-approved for access)

Outbound IRLP connections (Calling out to nodes outside of K-Link):

  • Disconnect from ref9335 by dialing 73.
  • Dial A + the node number you wish to connect to. (A9250, for example.)
  • When you finish your call, please re-connect to the K-link Reflector by dialing 9335. (We use IRLP to link portions of our network together on a regular basis.)

Outbound Allstar connections (Calling out to nodes outside of K-Link):

  • Establishing a connection to an Allstar node outside of K-Link will require the assistance of a control operator.

Outbound Echolink connections (Calling out to other nodes):

  • Establishing a connection to an Echolink node will require the assistance of a control operator.

Usage Guidelines:

  • IRLP: We are usually connected to reflector 9335. Always re-connect the node you are using to 9335 after you finish your IRLP call.
  • Do not connect to any node attached to a repeater that sends a tail carrier, identifier, or courtesy beep through IRLP/Allstar/Echolink. This causes a condition known as ‘Pulseback’ which will cause repeaters to ping-pong and will require that node owner properly configure his repeater before we allow connections to it in the future. If you dial a node and encounter pulseback (an extra kerchunk when you unkey), please disconnect from that node immediately.
  • Local users- please allow two seconds between all transmissions. This allows other stations, including IRLP/Echolink users, to break in if necessary. It also allows the time-out timer to reset. To join a conversation, please simply give your callsign and wait to be acknowledged. Do not yell “CONTACT”.

Many thanks to Bryon Jeffers K0BSJ and the Central Region Intertie System for letting us use their reflector!

More information about ham RoIP technologies can be found here:

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