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News Updates:

New!New Repeater - Wichita (WMC) 146.79- (103.5) W0SOE

November 29, 2014 - The new WARC/K-Link 146.79- (103.5) repeater was installed atop Wesley Medical Center today. John KF0M, Jordan K0JWH, and Justin NV8Q were on site for the install. Thanks to all parties that were instrumental in moving this forward every step of the way. There are a few loose items left to cleanup but it's on the air and linked in via our El Dorado repeater. Mobile users should note that we are getting a considerable amount wideband noise from the high-power VHF paging transmitter that is just a few feet away. We recommend mobile users run medium or high power whenever possible.

New!Update - Colby 444.750+ (162.2) IRLP Node ONLINE

October 12, 2014 - The Colby IRLP node has been replaced and is working once again.

New!New Repeater - Wichita VFW 3115 443.325+ (162.2) W0VFW

August 25, 2014 - The new Wichita VFW repeater is on the air! Thanks to Jordan K0JWH and the folks at W0VFW for helping make it happen. This repeater is IRLP node 7552 and it provides fill-in coverage in western Wichita were Newton and El Dorado don't cover well. Be sure to give this repeater a try when you are in the area!

New!New Repeater - Dodge City 443.675+ (162.2) KC0AUH

July 15, 2014 - The Dodge City repeater was installed and put on-air today! Many thanks to KC0AUH, N7JYS, KD0EZQ, WV0S and anybody I might have forgotten. The repeater is linked via IRLP and is working well!

New!Repeater Use Policy

July 10, 2014 - The Repeater Use Policy has been updated. This document replaces the former "Guidelines" page.

New!Repeater Update - Minneapolis 442.500+ (110.9) KC0NPM

July 9, 2014 - The solar panel mounting has been repaired and this repeater (and DELPHS APRS digi) is back on the air!

New!Repeater Update - Hays 442.450+ (162.2) N7JYS

June 21, 2014 - The Hays K-Link now has battery backup power. Many thanks to Eric N7JYS for adding this. Be sure to support his effort!

Repeater Update - Minneapolis 147.225+ (162.2) KS0LNK

May 29, 2014 - The 225 repeater has been re-located to the Minneapolis LEC and is a stand-alone repeater. It is also a Yaesu System Fusion mixed-mode digital/analog repeater. Anybody wanting to use a good local-only repeater is welcome to use this system. Antenna height is 120 feet AGL and power is 50 watts.

Repeater Update - Minneapolis 442.500+ (110.9) KS0LNK

May 28, 2014 - This repeater is off-the-air until further notice due to wind damage to the site.

Repeater Update - Hoisington 147.135+ (88.5) K0HAM

April 13, 2014 - The Hoisington repeater has been repaired and is back up to 90 watts output. This wide-area repeater is working well.

Repeater Update - Salina 442.200+ (162.2) N0KSC

April 11, 2014 - The Salina 442.200 repeater now requires PL 162.2 for access. It also encodes 162.2 when a user transmits. Please update your radios.

New Repeater - El Dorado 443.100+ (162.2) KS0LNK

March 15, 2014 - The K-Link Repeater System would like to announce the arrival of our newest Repeater: El Dorado 443.100+ (162.2) is installed and working well. It has about 35 to 40 mile radius coverage, is equipped with IRLP and features an internet audio feed courtesy of Broadcastify.com.

Everybody is invited to use the repeater when they are in the area. 

Thanks to Chance N5NIQ, Jordan K0JWH and Russell WX0RG for helping with the install.
A BIG thanks to Heartland Tower, Rob and Dave Nall, and Brian Short for tower space and help with connectivity.

New Net - Women In Radio

March 7, 2014 - The Women In Radio net made its debut on March 7 on the K-Link Repeater System. Despite the malfunction of the southern end of the link system there were a good number of check-ins. This net will feature a topic and will be held on the first and third Fridays of each month. This is a good chance for all of the YL's to get active on the radio! All licensed amateurs are invited to check in.

Repeater Update - Ellsworth 444.775+ (162.2) K0HAM

February 20, 2014 - The Ellsworth repeater is back in service and working 100%. The link from Hoisington has been re-established.

Network Update - Streaming audio is back!

February 3, 2014 - The streaming audio server has been brought back online. Listen to any K-Link communications that pass through the Minneapolis hub repeater by clicking here, or use your favorite smart phone scanner app.

Repeater Update - Lincoln 147.195+ K0MXJ

November 9, 2013 - The Lincoln repeater received some routine maintenance and it's controller upgraded to the latest version of software. The repeater is working well and has good coverage in Lincoln County and along I-70 in Ellsworth County.

Repeater Update - McPherson 444.600+ (162.2) N0SGK

November 2, 2013 - The McPherson site now has auto-standby generator power in addition to battery backup. This should help the McPherson/Sterling/Hillsboro/Newton cluster of repeaters stay linked together during extended power outages.

Repeater Update - Norway 146.925- (162.2) K0KSN

August 31, 2013 - Thanks to the Woodmans - Marlin (KB0RSJ) and Lonnie (KB0MDZ), we installed the new antennas and moved the repeater to its new home. The antenna is a DB-224 at 170 feet. The coverage area is considerably larger now, and reaches into Fairbury, Hebron, and Superior Nebraska. This repeater now requires PL tone 162.2 to access, and it is open for all licensed amateurs to use. The transmitter encodes the 162.2 tone with a reverse-burst to eliminate the squelch crash on some receivers if you set your radio for TSQ.

New Repeater - Lenora 146.880- (162.2) N0KOM/R

August 27, 2013 - The new Lenora repeater has been installed and is linked to K-Link via IRLP. This repeater services a large portion of Northwest Kansas and well into Nebraska. We extend many Thanks to N0KOM and others that contributed to this project. The repeater PL tone is now 162.2 hz. The transmitter encodes the 162.2 tone with a "soft off" to eliminate squelch crash on your receiver if you set your radio for TSQ.

Repeater Repair- McPherson 444.600+

July 27, 2013 - The McPherson repeater is back on the air with a new DB-411 antenna. This antenna has an offset pattern orientated toward McPherson to provide better handheld coverage in the city.

Fundraising Drive - Dighton

March 28, 2013 - We have received the Notice To Proceed to install a repeater in Dighton. This will bring Lane county and parts of the surrounding counties onto our system, including Scott City. The antenna and feedline are installed and the repeater is mostly read to go. We are, however, lacking the controller and link antenna/coax. If you'd like to make a donation so that we can purchase the controller and get this site on the air, please click on the "donate" link above. Please include a note on Paypal that you are donating to Dighton. We are currently $610 away from this goal.

System Update - IRLP

March 28, 2013 - K-Link has moved IRLP-based links to reflector 9335. Thanks to the Central Region Intertie System for lending us a reflector channel. The previous reflector 9733 is still available for backup or secondary linking.

Repeater Update - Colby 444.750+ (162.2) KS0LNK

March 21, 2013 - After spending the better part of a day fighting one-way audio and router issues, we finally have the Colby repeater linked in via IRLP! If you're in Northwest Kansas be sure to check in on this 400-foot tall repeater system! The addition of this repeater, when combined with the K0HAM repeater group, gives us I-70 coverage from just west of Kanorado to east of Kansas City, MO - spanning the entire state of Kansas! We're also still working toward installing the Grainfield repeater in 2013, as well as Lenora and Dighton, which will round out our Northwest and North Central Kansas coverage quite nicely.

Degraded Operation - Hoisington 147.135+ (88.5) K0HAM

February 24, 2013 - The 100 watt power amplifier failed, which brought the usable range to nearly zero. We have bypassed the amp and are running the repeater on the 10 watt driver. The range will be limited compared to normal, but should be usable out to 20+ miles. If you're in the area, feel free to use it. The nearest neighboring linked repeaters are Russell 444.950, Ellsworth 444.775 and Hays 442.450.

Repeater Upgrade - Newton 146.610- (103.5) W0BZN/R

February 17, 2013 - The Newton repeater has been upgraded to a 50 watt continuous duty GE Mastr II repeater, and uses an S-Com 7330 controller. The club also installed a new DB-224 antenna, which has helped improved the coverage in surrounding areas including Wichita!

New Repeater - Junction City (Fort Riley) 147.315+ (162.2) KS1EMS/R

February 7, 2013 - The Fort Riley K-Link repeater is finally on the air! This gives us good coverage in Junction City, Abilene, Chapman, and surrounding areas which used to be dead zones in K-Link coverage. This site helps fill in the gap between our Alma and Clay Center repeaters.

Echolink Node Decommissioned

February 3, 2013 - The K-Link Echolink node has been decommissioned as of today. After battling audio dropouts for a couple of years, we decided that if Echolink wasn't 99% reliable, then we don't want it being part of our system. Part of the problem is caused by packet loss (less than 1%) on the DSL connection at the site. If the DSL becomes more reliable at some point in the future we may reconsider adding Echolink functionality at that point. As of now we don't forsee when that will be. Amateurs and the general public are welcome to tune-in using any number of phone or computer apps to stream our Radio Reference feed or dial us up from any IRLP-enabled repeater via reflector 9733.

Repeater update - Minneapolis 147.225+ (162.2) KS0LNK/R

December 4, 2012 - The Minneapolis '225' repeater now has a voter and additional receiver in the Delphos area. This improves mobile and handheld coverage in areas to the north of the repeater. The voter system is automatic and should be transparent to the user. Power output of the repeater has been increased to 90 watts.

K-Link now on IRLP!

December 4, 2012 - K-Link is now using IRLP for linking to repeaters too distant for an RF connection. You can join K-Link from your IRLP system. We are node #7644, and we're usually connected to reflector 9733.

New Repeater In North Central Kansas: "Minneapolis 3" 442.500+ (110.9) KC0NPM/R

November 4, 2012 - The repeater output is 15 watts and is powered by solar/battery. ***This is NOT linked to K-Link***

Repeater Update: Matfield Green 147.045+ (88.5) K0HAM/R

August 18, 2012 - The Matfield Green repeater now has a link path to the K-Link system via Hillsboro. Normally, Matfield Green is linked to the NEKSUN system but is now available directly on K-Link on an as-needed basis!

New Repeater: Colby 444.750+ (162.2) KS0LNK/R

August 14, 2012 - Our new Colby repeater was installed today. It is a 100 watt MSF-5000 with a DB-420 antenna at 400 feet. As of 3/21/2013 this repeater is linked into K-Link via IRLP.

PL Tone Changes:

July 15, 2012 - Attention all K-Link system users! Be advised that the CTCSS (PL) access tones on MOST K-Link repeaters have changed to 162.2 hz.

The following repeaters now require PL 162.2 to access:
Norway - 146.925
Clay Center - 147.165 (note: the downtown remote receiver will still be 100.0hz)
Clay Center - 442.750
Riley - 146.685
Minneapolis - 147.225

McPherson - 444.600
Sterling - 444.450
Hillsboro - 442.500

Hays - 442.450
Hays - 927.975

Ransom - 443.575

Russell - 147.285
Russell - 444.950
Osborne - 147.375
Ellsworth 444.775
K-Link Special Event (Portable) - 444.500

It is important to remember that if you cannot access a repeater, remember to try the new 162.2 PL tone. Once each repeater has changed over, you will want to save the change in your radio's channel memory.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this system change.

New Repeater:  Ransom 443.575+ (162.2) K0HAM/R

May 8, 2012 - The new Ransom repeater is now online! Thanks Eric N7JYS and Tim KD0EZQ for your work on this!

New Repeater:  Alma 444.525+ (162.2) W0KHP/R

May 7, 2012 - It's been a four year long process of finding a site, reaching an agreement that later went by the wayside (thank you KMAN), finding another site, reaching an agreement that went by the wayside (thank you City of Manhattan), and finally having a good deal fall in our lap. Today our Alma/Wamego site went on the air. Thank you to the numerous people that came and helped, or sent money, donated space on the tower and building, or did whatever they could to make this a reality. This repeater achieves our goal of having direct communications to the Topeka NWS office (if they have their station manned). We also have the ability to link to the K0HAM system in the Lawrence/Kansas City area. The K0HAM link can be accessed by any of the designated control operators from either side of the link. This site serves I-70 from just west of the Waubunsee exit to Topeka. We really appreciate everyone's help in getting this going! The antenna is a DB-420 at 200 feet. The repeater is a GE Mastr II, output is 50 watts.

News Update:  K-Link system expansion in 2012

April 8, 2012 - K-Link has ambitious plans to expand this system this year. We'll be adding the new 440 repeater near Alma to extend our coverage east on I-70, and adding a new repeater near Ransom to expand the K-Link coverage to Western Kansas. We will also be upgrading the Newton 146.610 repeater to a Mastr II and adding tone access, and hopefully bring the Matfield Green 147.045 repeater onto our link system. We'll also be moving the Norway 146.925 repeater to it's new home near Scandia. Stay tuned!

Repeater Update:  Hillsboro 442.500+ (162.2) N0SGK/R

October 1, 2011 - The Hillsboro repeater has ben re-tuned to the new/permanent frequency of 442.500. Please update your radios and frequency lists!

Repair:  McPherson 444.600+ (162.2) N0SGK/R

September 17, 2011 - The battery backup relay and charger have been repaired. 'Mac 1' now has a working battery backup!

Repeater Update:  Osborne 147.375+ (131.8) NZ0M/R

September 6, 2011 - The Osborne repeater has been replaced with a Motorola MSR-2000. The new repeater is running 60 watts output and is working well! Thanks to Eric N7JYS for his work on this!

Repeater Update:  Hays Repeaters have been reconfigured, K-Link now available on 900MHz!

August 20, 2011 - The owners of the Hays repeaters have made some changes. The 147.045 repeater is no longer on K-Link, however, the 927.975 repeater is now accessible from K-Link! This is the first 900MHz repeater available to users of the K-Link system. For more information about the Hays 900MHz repeater, contact KD0EZQ.

Repair completed: Salina 442.200+ (118.8) N0KSC/R

August 20, 2011 - The Salina 442.200 repeater has been repaired and is back on K-Link! Thanks for your patience!

Repair completed: Osborne 147.375+ (131.8) NZ0M/R

July 24, 2011 - Repair of the Osborne link transceiver was completed, as well as a complete freq & mod adjustment of the repeater and link. This site is up and working 100% once again.

Repair completed: Sterling 444.450+ (162.2) WB0LUN/R

July 20, 2011 - Repair of the Sterling link transceiver was completed, as well as a complete freq & mod adjustment of the repeater and link. This site is up and working 100% again.

Repeater Update: Newton 146.610- (103.5) W0BZN/R

July 18, 2011 - The Newton Amateur Radio Club and K-Link have joined forces and added the 146.610- repeater to the network! This gives K-Link expanded coverage into South Central Kansas, including Wichita. Thanks to the folks at NARC for making this possible! To reduce interference during tropo enchancements, the 61 repeater will be switching to PL access soon. The PL tone will be 103.5, so program your radios accordingly. Stay tuned for updates...

Repeater Update:  Hillsboro (Temporary Freq: 444.525+ (110.9))

March 10, 2011 - K-Link has added a new repeater in Hillsboro, linked full time to McPherson. The temporary frequency (444.525) will remain in use until the crystals arrive and the re-tune to 442.500 is completed around September 1. Stay tuned for updates...

Internet Streaming Audio Feed:  Minneapolis 444.850+ (162.2)

January 28, 2011 - K-Link can now be heard by the general public via our Radio Reference audio stream, and also using various iPhone/iPod/iPad or Andriod apps.

Repeater Update:  McPherson 444.600+ (162.2) N0SGK/R

August 22, 2010 - Justin N0UJQ and Chance N5NIQ replaced the long time Mastr II mobile with a 100% duty Mastr II Repeater.  The backup battery system is still a work in progress.  Stay tuned!

New Link:  Pawnee Rock 444.325+ (88.5) K0HAM/R

August 21, 2010 - The existing 444.325 repeater near Pawnee Rock has been added to K-Link!  This repeater serves Pawnee, Barton, Stafford and Rush counties, and will serve as a hub for future linked repeaters in Southwest Kansas.  All stations must use PL 88.5 to access K-Link when using this repeater.  Pawnee Rock is the third K0HAM repeater to join the K-Link network!

New Link:  Hoisington 147.135+ (88.5) K0HAM/R

August 18, 2010 - The existing 147.135 repeater near Hoisington has been added to K-Link!  This repeater now links to Ellsworth, a K0HAM repeater, which is linked to the K-Link hub repeater at Minneapolis.  This partnership between K-Link and K0HAM provides much needed coverage in Barton county and surrounding areas.

Information Update:  Russell 444.950+ (131.8)

March 11, 2010 - The Russell 444.950 repeater now requires PL tone 131.8 to access the repeater and link.  Be sure to add the tone to all of your radios so that you'll be ready to use the repeater.  You should also add 131.8 to your radio memory for the Russell 147.285 repeater in the event we need to switch the repeater to PL mode.

News:   announces exclusive use of Repeater Controllers

March 1, 2010 - K-Link continues to make significant upgrades of the existing 440 MHz backbone network, including upgrading our repeaters to 100% duty cycle, and using S-Com's 7330 3-port Repeater Controller.  The S-Com 7330 controller has proven to be the most reliable, flexible, and robust repeater controller ever sold to consumers, at the same time being the most affordable controller offering all of the features we come to expect on a large linked repeater network.  K-Link will continue to upgrade the existing backbone repeaters throughout 2010 so that by the end of the year we will have one of the most flexible and dependable repeater networks available anywhere.

New Link:  Ellsworth 444.775+ (88.5) K0HAM/R

February 28, 2010 - The controller and K-Link transceiver has been installed at the Ellsworth site, give K-Link additional coverage in areas of I-70 between Salina and Russell, as well as between Ellsworth and Lyons.  This 80 watt repeater is now part of the UHF backbone of K-Link, and also serves as the gateway to the K0HAM hub repeater at Pawnee Rock.  This groundbreaking moment marks the beginning of a working partnership between K-Link and the folks that operate the K0HAM link system.

Repeater Update:  Clay Center 442.750+ (162.2) and 147.165+ (162.2)

February 6, 2010 - Justin (N0UJQ) and Mike (N0XRM) installed a new 442.750 repeater and it's new S-Com controller.  The following night, we connected the 147.165 repeater to the controller and added a remote receiver for easier access to handheld radios in the city of Clay Center.  To use the remote, set your radio to encode only on 100.0hz.  Mobile and fixed stations should use the main site receiver on tone 118.8.  Update:  February 17, 2010 - The Clay Center 147.165+ Repeater is now up to full power at 80 watts.

Repeater Update:  Salina 443.900+ (118.8)

January 26, 2010 - Justin (N0UJQ) and Karen made a midnight run to install the 443.900+ repeater in downtown Salina.  This repeater, as well as 147.03, is operated by the Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club.  The transmitter output is 40 watts, serving all of Saline County.

Repeater Update:  Newton 146.610-

January 22, 2010 - Mike Harvey AB0TX and Justin Reed N0UJQ cleaned up the receiver front-end and did a complete retune of the Newton Amateur Radio Club repeater.  Sensitivity is back to factory specification and the transmitter output is 30 watts.  There is still something loose or broken on the antenna, causing duplex noise on most signals, however the performance overall is dramatically improved.  Antenna work will be completed later.  Give this repeater a try!

Repeater Update:  Norway/Concordia 146.925- (162.2)

January 7, 2010 - After a failure of the old Micor link transceiver, we completely overhauled the repeater setup starting with removing the mouse nest/mess and stripping the old stuff out of the cabinet.  The controller was replaced with an S-Com 7330 and the new link radio is a GE Phoenix-SX.  This repeater runs 25 watts and is now 100% K-Link Certified.

Repeater Update:  Russell 147.285+ (131.8) and 444.950+ (131.8)

December 30, 2009 - The two Mastr II repeaters sharing an S-Com 7330 have been installed at the Russell site.  This will allow 147.285 traffic to be heard over K-Link and vice-versa.  Make sure to use PL tone 131.8 in your radios so that when we program the repeaters for PL decode you will still be able to access them.  The 444.950 is linked full-time to K-Link and the 1478.285 is available to be linked on demand.  Dialing 302 will attach 147.285 to the K-Link network, and dialing 301 will un-attach it and return the repeaters to normal mode (with 444.950 still linked).  The 444.950 output is 60 watts, and the 147.285 output is 90 watts and both of them have very good receiver sensitivity.

Echolink Update:  Minneapolis site

November 2009 - The Echolink hardware is now hard-wired to port 3 of the Minneapolis repeaters.  Outbound calls to another node will require 0+ dialing.  For example, to dial node 123456 you will need to dial 0123456.  The leading zero is required!  Since Echolink is direct-connected, repeater users have priority over Echolink and may talk at any time without causing interference on the repeater input.

Repeater Decommissioned:  Manhattan 147.225+ (114.8) - KSLNK-R

Saturday October 3, 2009 - K-Link has officially decommissioned the Manhattan 147.225+ repeater due to the lack of a suitable location.

New Repeater:  Hays 442.450+ (162.2) - N7JYS-R

Thursday September 17, 2009 - Eric N7JYS installed the Hays 442.450+ Repeater.  It is a Mastr II station running 100 watts on a Decibel Products DB420 at 185 feet.  This repeater is linked to K-Link full-time and extends our west I-70 mobile coverage to the Collyer/Quinter area.  Also at this site are the 147.045+ repeater that can be linked into K-Link if needed, and a 6 meter repeater.  The 147.045 repeater also features an IRLP node #3917 and Echolink node #8479.  Be sure to send Eric your thanks and support!

Repair:  Ellsworth 444.775+ (88.5) - KHAM NEKSUN

Saturday May 2, 2009 - Made repairs to feedline and repeater that was causing high SWR and poor receive coverage.  The repeater now has much improved range.  Give it a try.

Repair:  McPherson 147.330+ - McPherson Amateur Radio Club

Tuesday April 28, 2009 - Justin NUJQ, Chance N5NIQ, and Gerald WDFYF were on site to replace the repeater antenna, and previous work was done to fix problems on the feedline.  This has cured the duplex noise problems that have been going on for quite some time.  Although this repeater isn't linked to K-Link, it still gets our K-Link seal of approval!

New Repeater:  Clay Center 147.165+ (162.2) - Republican Valley Amateur Radio Club

Saturday April 11, 2009 - Justin NUJQ, Mike Scott NXRM and "Tower Man Tim" Installed the antenna, feedline, and a temporary repeater.  The antenna is at 240 feet and the power output is 18 watts until we get the 100 watt unit running.

New Link: Salina 442.200+ (118.8) NKSC-R (Underlay site)

Saturday February 28, 2009 - Justin NUJQ connected the Salina 442.200+ repeater to the K-Link system.  This repeater offers portable coverage in the city of Salina and mobile coverage in Saline County.  The power output is 20 watts and the antenna height is about 150 feet above downtown Salina.  See Status and Frequencies for more information.

Equipment Upgrade: Concordia/Norway 146.925- WBSVM-R

Saturday October 18, 2008 - Justin NUJQ, George NGJ, and Doyle WBSRP installed 7/8" feedline from the repeater cabinet to the antenna to replace noisy coax.  The repeater and link audio levels were properly adjusted and the duplexer tuned for peak performance.  We achieved 2.5dB insertion loss and notch depth of 75dB on each side of the duplexer.  The repeater output is 16 watts at the duplex port.

New Link: Sterling 444.450+ (162.2) WBLUN-R

Monday October 6, 2008 - Justin NUJQ and Fred Gilmore WBLUN put the Sterling repeater back into service after a 3 week absence, and it returned with linking capability.  This repeater now links into K-Link via the McPherson 444.600 repeater.  It is using a DB-420 at about 140 feet running 35 watts.  Initial testing looks really promising - two portable users in McPherson were able to access it directly.  Mobile users in Hutchinson, Lyons, Great Bend, and other surrounding areas should be able to use this great repeater!

New Link: Minneapolis 147.225+ (162.2) KSLNK-R

Saturday August 23, 2008 - The Minneapolis 225 repeater has been interfaced to the 444.850 controller and is usually linked into the system.  This repeater is at 300 feet with 75 watts output.

K-Link Repeater System 10th anniversary

Saturday August 16, 2008 marks the anniversary of ten years of K-Link, which was named by repeater owners and users that attended a special meeting at the Salina Hamfest in 1998.  Our Saturday evening ARES net had 54 checkins, which was a record number for our  nets.  Thanks!

Repair:  Minneapolis 147.225+ (162.2) KSLNK-R

Saturday August 16, 2008 - The repeater is back on the air.  The antenna was moved to the top of the tower to eliminate the blind spot to the southeast, and new heliax jumpers installed top and bottom.  Give this repeater a try.  Feel free to make a donation if you can to help offset the cost of hiring the tower climber.  (He did a good job!)  The following people were present to assist:  NUJQ, WBSRP, NWSZ, KDDRU, KDDRS, KDDRT

New Link:  McPherson 444.600+ (162.2) NSGK-R

Friday August 8, 2008 - Chance Cooper N5NIQ, Shawn White NSGK, Justin Reed NUJQ, and Gerald Pelnar WDFYF were on site to install the 440 link antenna and re-install the 444.600 repeater.  It's great to have this repeater linked in once again to provide coverage from Salina to Hutchinson and Newton.

Repeater Upgrade:  Minneapolis 444.850+ (162.2) KSLNK-R

May, 2008 - We have installed our first S-Com 7330 controller.  Being the easiest to interface of any controller we've ever seen, this appears to be the first of many 7330 controllers we will utilize in the system.

New Echolink Node:  #382015 - KS0LNK-R Minneapolis 444.850+ (162.2)

Saturday April 26, 2008 - Echolink got a good trial run on the night of Thursday April 24 when a supercell moved east across Mitchell and Cloud counties producing a tornado.  The Echolink remote base antenna has been mounted and the server/link radio has been put onto a UPS backup system that will keep Echolink running through minor power line blips and outages lasting 15 minutes or so.

New Repeater (old frequency):  Minneapolis 147.225+ (162.2) KSLNK-R

Saturday April 12, 2008 - The "new" GE Mastr II repeater has been installed and is operational at it's site 8 miles west of Minneapolis.  It's is open for all amateurs to use but requires PL tone 162.2 to access. 

New Repeater (temporary):  Manhattan 147.225+ (114.8) KSLNK-R (Underlay site)

Sunday March 16, 2008 - This new repeater is linked to K-Link via the Clay Center 442.750 repeater.  The primary coverage area is within the city limits of Manhattan.  It's secondary (mobile) coverage will reach out toward Junction City.  It is generally not usable on I-70 except for a small segment.  This repeater is open for all amateurs to use but requires PL tone 114.8 to access.  Mobiles and base stations using this repeater should take precautions to avoid interference to the Minneapolis 147.225+ repeater, such as using low power when possible and avoiding attempts to access the Manhattan 225 repeater from west of K-15 highway.  This repeater fills in our coverage gap in Manhattan until we get a permanent 440 repeater installed in this area.  This repeater was permanently decommissioned on October 3, 2009.

New Repeater:  Clay Center 442.750+ (162.2)  NXRM-R

November 24, 2007 - This repeater offers about 30 mile radius mobile coverage centered in Clay county.  It is linked to K-Link via the Minneapolis 444.850 repeater. 

Repeater Upgrade:  Minneapolis 444.850+ (162.2)  KSLNK-R

March 15, 2000 - The old GE Mastr II mobile that served faithfully since late 1993 was retired today, replaced by a 100 watt GE Mastr II Repeater/Station.  The repeater PA was donated by Rob Nall WVS, and the new TX-RX duplexer was donated by Ka-Comm.  This new repeater utilizes the CAT 1000 controller, an Advanced Receiver Research receiver pre-amplifier which gives us a sensitivity of .12uV for 12db SINAD and the transmitter is running 100 watts.

Established:  August 16, 1998
Last Update: November 29, 2014